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Access to movement should not drain our bank accounts. 

At BaconBerry we do not want finances to get in the way of your practice.

We offer 3 different monthly pricing options to fit any budget. Choose between $5, $10, $15 dollars per month for full access to our On Demand library with hundreds of workout classes.


*Please not that we are also a small business, so please contribute what you can. 

Choose your pricing plan

  • On Demand (high)

    Every month
     7 day free trial
    • Full access to our on demand video library
    • High range of sliding pricing scale
  • On Demand (mid)

    Every month
     7 day free trial
    • Access to our full on demand library
    • Mid-range of sliding scale pricing
  • On Demand (low)

    Every month
     7 day free trial
    • Access to our full on demand class library
    • Low range of sliding pricing scale

Hear what our incredible members are saying about BaconBerry

“You can always count on Kat’s HIIT classes for a killer workout, and Olivia’s yoga for a mindful reset. The two of them have built a kind, positive, and fun loving community that I love being a part of.”


- Ellie

"My favorite BaconBerry class is the combo.  I love the challenging, strengthening workout  followed up with restorative yoga and stretching.  Kat and Olivia are excellent instructors, always so positive and supportive.  Perfection!"   


- Ruthie

“BaconBerry’s signature combo class is one of the most unique (and effective!) workouts I’ve ever done. The combo class is the perfect mix, starting with HIIT and strength, fast paced cardio, and ending with yoga is an amazing combination that makes you feel strong, energized and restored all at the same time, giving you a true full body workout in just an hour. Classes with the community Kat and Olivia have created FLY by, and it has been the most efficient way for me to pack in cardio, strength and stretching all in an hour. Already looking forward to my next combo class!” 


- Emily 

“I was never good at committing to online workout classes but Bacon Berry has changed all that. I love that there is a variety of Yoga and Hiit all in one place, the instructors are extremely good and the workout is solid. 

Also, if you’re like me, and can’t commit to classes each week, you can sign up for a monthly subscription and take the pre recorded classes at your convenience. On top of it all, the company gives a portion of the proceeds to organizations that need it most. I highly recommend Bacon Berry for whatever your workout goals are- it’s a truly five star experience that has options for everyone!” 


- Mackenzie

"I have always enjoyed doing an in-person workout. I felt energized by others in the room, and this was difficult for me when COVID-19 hit. I was thrilled when Bacon Berry started offering live classes at the beginning of pandemic because it created a community and an atmosphere that made working out fun (and challenging!) again. The HIIT/Yoga combo classes are the perfect combination for those of you looking for an intense cardio workout with a nice calming touch at the end. Kat and Olivia are amazing and talented instructors that curate the classes based on their clients needs. I am always sore in the best way afterwards! There is a lot of saturation in this on-line workout market, and you should know that Bacon Berry is worth investing your time, body, and energy into!" 



“Since I joined (from the beginning via IG Live!), BaconBerry has been such a refreshing way to get movement into my life. Whether through HIIT with Kat, yoga with Olivia or their signature combo class, they create such a welcoming and motivating environment. That is no easy accomplishment under normal circumstances, let alone in a virtual environment! Due to my own schedule, I've been less able to tune in live, but the availability of the on demand classes has been so clutch. I can find a variety of workouts and flows to fit the time I have available or the mood that I am in. I highly recommend BaconBerry!”


- Carly

"I am 63 years old and was nervous about taking a HIIT class - but it was amazing ! Kat expertly leads you through the class  - with modifications for each sequence if needed.  She is always so encouraging and so great at anticipating questions.  I always feel much better, stronger and prouder after taking a class."


- Anonymous 

"When covid hit, I struggled to find virtual classes that kept my attention/engagement as much as my former in person options until I found Bacon Berry! The classes are challenging, fun, and leave me feeling better than ever.  I appreciate how much time is clearly put into the planning and the diversity of class options and the soundtracks are a great addition. I can't thank you both enough!" 


- Isabella

"Prior to the pandemic, I had fallen out of my HIIT routine and was primarily taking yoga classes. I was so excited when one of my favorite yoga teachers, Olivia, told me about this endeavor and thrilled that I was able to get back into a HIIT routine while still having yoga as a part of it, with Bacon Berry's Signature Combo Class. Since joining their weekly classes (albeit, usually through a recording at a later time that worked best for my schedule), I've been able to get my health and wellness back on a comfortable track for me with all of the different offerings that they have. I love how Kat and Olivia create a virtual fitness space for all bodies and exercise levels, their personalized knowledge of the needs of their clients, and their commitment to giving back to community projects focused on equity. Furthermore, I am thrilled with the membership access to a wealth of recordings of all of their different classes (the express HIIT and Yoga classes have become favorites of mine with my busy schedule). Anyone who isn't a part of Bacon Berry is missing out!"


- Zaina

“BaconBerry has been and continues to be a central part of my postpartum fitness and overall health/wellness journey! Their signature combo class combines the best parts of HIIT and yoga in a truly holistic way and is a MUST TRY!! As someone who struggles with fitness and isn’t very “in shape” I appreciate how accommodating, inclusive and encouraging Kat and Olivia can be in their classes by offering modifications that can help people keep up and still challenge themselves regardless of whether they’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced. I honestly can’t say enough good things about BaconBerry and the fact that these two incredible women dedicate a portion of their earnings to giving back is even more reason to check them out.”️


- Sara

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