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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find out about subscription options?

All of our monthly subscription and class package options can be found on the Plans page.


How do I know if I qualify for the Student or Essential Worker pricing?

If you are currently enrolled in school (full or part time) you qualify as a student. Essential workers pricing is for any individual who is exposed to risks of COVID-19 through their job (i.e. doctors, nurses, teachers, restaurant workers, grocery store workers, mail & package delivery workers). If you think your job qualifies as an Essential Worker position but is not listed here please reach out to us to discuss and have it added at


What does the sliding scale pricing for on demand memberships mean?

It is important to us that we provide accessible fitness to our members regardless of their current financial situation. Please select an appropriate On Demand only membership option based on what you are able to contribute each month. Keep in mind we are also a small business and rely on our membership fees to stay open for business. Please reach out if you would like to discuss any alternative options that would better fit your needs at


How much do you donate each month to charity?

Our monthly donation amounts depend on how many people attend our monthly live donation class and how many store orders we receive. If you are a member of BaconBerry and attend our live monthly donation class we donate 15% of your membership fee to the organization of the month. If you do not attend class we do not donate any of your fees. If you can't attend the live class at the scheduled time but want your 15% donated, simply sign up for the class and we'll donate your portion and send you a recording of the class to watch at a later date. For all apparel sales we donate 5% of the purchase price to the charity of the month. Depending on which month you purchase will determine where your money goes. 


I bought a live class package but I can't access the members tab. 

Our class packages are only for our live class offerings. That means you'll be able to book as many classes included in your pack via our "Live Classes" page. Simply click on the "Classes' tab and then "Live Classes & Courses" to book your live class.

If you want access to both our live classes and unlimited video library please consider becoming a monthly member. We offer 14 day trial periods so you can make sure it's a good fit.  


I have a charity I want you to consider donating to this month. 

Awesome! We love it when our students bring us organizations they care about. Please email us at with the name and URL of the organization you're interested in us supporting (optional to add a brief description and why it's important to you) and we will check them out. If the organization is aligned with our values we will be happy to add them to our list of recipients.   


Who designed your logo?

The incredibly talented Lea Carey! You can follow her on Instagram @leancarey or check out her website


Who is your photographer?

The incredibly talented Madeline Harris! You can follow her on Instagram @madelineharrisphotography


How many different class types do you have?

In our on demand library we have 12 different class types ranging from stretching & yoga flows to mat pilates and toning to high intensity and strength-based classes. We also offer daily weekday classes. Every day is a different class format. We also offer monthly combo classes as our donation-based class. 

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